Socks – monkey or otherwise!

I decided to knit some socks recently as a present for my sister.  I bought two hand dyed skeins of wool from Violet Green ( ) which were both fabulous, after much deliberating I decided on ‘Red Hot Sox’ a mixture of red and orange and ‘black rose’ a kind of purple and pink.  I also bought some addis turbo doublw ended knitting needles – beautiful to knit with.

As per usual I got bored after knitting the 1st sock in ‘red hot sox’ and was too impatient to knit another before starting with the ‘black rose’ colour.  So my sister ended up with two very unmatching socks!

To make things more interesting i also tried my very first patterned sock – and found ‘monkey’ via ravelry.  You can find the pattern for Monkey here –

Here is a picture of my sister wearing the socks…

My sister wearing Monkey sock and red hot sock

My sister wearing Monkey sock and red hot sock

The socks!
The socks!

The socks!


17 responses to “Socks – monkey or otherwise!

  1. Great! I keep hearing about Monkey socks but don’t know what they are.

    Your sister is really pretty too. She’s very lucky to have you make her these amazing socks!

  2. The socks look awesome, but your sister needs to smile in that picture lol.

  3. She looks so thrilled! LOL!

    Really though, as soon as you finish the second socks, they’ll be gorgeous!

    Ria (tonyfan20 on Ravelry)

  4. Very nice socks! I really liked the monkey pattern, too.

  5. I don’t think Keri knew you were going to take pictures of the WHOLE of her! That was her serious face as sock modelling is a serious matter LOL

  6. Love the socks! I’m sure your sister does, too, despite her grave face. 🙂

    And *lurve* your Juliet — very pretty!

  7. Now those are some bright tootsies!

    Happy feet wearing those Red Hots!

  8. Oh, I am all for mismatched socks! And how lucky is your sister to have you knitting for her?

    Anne (Anne on Rav too)

  9. Popping in from Ravelry!
    Good looking sock. Now get started immediately on the second one or you’ll contract a severe case of second-sock-syndrome. No known cure – just the preventative measure of casting on for the second as soon as you bind off the first!

  10. Tell me more about “addis turbo double ended knitting needles:. I’m still knitting on Aeros.

    The socks look great, but I’m a fan of matching pairs.

  11. Those socks are pretty! I love the Monkey socks. There is also a no-purl version that is a very fun and fast knit. You should check it out! Just do a Ravelry search for no purl monkey. 🙂

  12. I love your blog. I’m glad you introduced it on Ravelry. The socks are a kick. You and your sister are very pretty.
    I put your blog link on mine!!

  13. Hey Sooz, I’m back in Australia now…when I am going to get my matching socks to make pairs!!! When I come home again next year? (most likely!)

  14. Wow – did you really wait 9 months between postings? I thought *I* was bad!! Cute socks, and I love the Juliet sweater. (PS I’m Legendsmom on Ravelry)

  15. wahh….i want to knit sock too. I never knit sock before, but now am busy knitting toys for my niece and nephew and for coming Xmas. I like your juliet sweater, simple but very nice. Do visit my blog, am indonesian staying at singapore 🙂

  16. She doesn’t look very happy. *laughs*

    Nice colors.

  17. Great site! I’m over from Ravelry. I love your pics and demo on koolaid dying! It makes me want to try!

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