I decided recently to knit my very first top down cardigan, after a bit of searching on ravelry I came accross Juliet, a lovely, fun, and chunky knit – with enough patterning to keep me occupied whilst still being a quick and easy knit.

You can find the pattern here… http://www.zephyrstyle.com/catalog/item/2367447/4944404.htm

Here is a picture of me in the result – I wear it all the time!

Me in the 'Juliet' cardi


11 responses to “Juliet!

  1. that is great, the button is fab!

  2. I love your Juliet, I have knitted 3 so far and not one for me, I need to do that it is very cute :0)

  3. Your Juliet looks great! Lovely classy colour!

  4. ooh, very pretty!

  5. Lovely sweater! Very flattering on you!


  6. Very Cute. It reminds me of the February Lady Sweater.

  7. This is super cute. What yarn/color did you use?

  8. Beautiful! Such a lovely colour 🙂

  9. Surfed over from Ravelry. I love your Juliet! Mine’s been a WIP since forever and I really ought to get around to finishing it.

  10. You did a beautiful job! Congrats!

  11. This is so pretty and I love that chunky button! 🙂

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