My Stash!!

This weekend I decided to go through my entire basket of wool, and sort it all out (there was a bit of a large tangle going on in there).  Now I know exactly what projects I have to finish (*unravel, half finish, think of something else to knit halfway through etc).  I thought I would share what I found with you.  So here I present – my stash!!

Wool Stash

I’ve also got some lovely projects that I am working on at the moment.  As I haven’t updated my blog in ages I thought I would show you pictures of some of the different things I’ve got going.

First, a picture of the jumper I am working on (see the last blog post).  I’m really pleased with this – but its quite a difficult knit.  Its hard to do the decreases and keep in pattern at the same time.  Its taken a fair amount of brain power so far.  I am quite determined to finish this, though its been put on the back burner for now.  Heres a picture:

Pink Bamboo Wool Top

And here is a close up…


I’ve also started a lace scarf.  Its my first piece of knitting using laceweight wool.  I am enjoying it so far – its quite different to what I am used to.  Its not so easy if you make a mistake if you drop a stitch to knit it upwards.  Here are some pictures of the small amount I have done so far.  (this is my second attempt, the first attempt had to be ditched after I lost a couple of stitches, and couldn’t see where or how!).  You can find the pattern for this scarf here:


And here is the ball of wool I had to wind – I didn’t realise that buying wool in a skein was such a hassle!!  If anyone has some handy tips that mean you don’t have to unwind the skein – then I would love to hear them!!


This isn’t the only scarf I have been knitting recently. 

I have also been knitting a scarf for my friends daughter – I hope its OK… the hat was a bit of a disaster!


I’ve also knit a nice blue scarf for me!  I’ve had my eye on knitting something from this website.  The pattern for this particular scarf can be found here Plus, the wool for these design’s is really very reasonably priced.


I have also made a scarf for my boyfriend.  The wool was Sirdar BIGGA and it was half price – so i had to have it.  Everyone seems to love this scarf – though its just a simple 1×1 rib with some tassels put on the ends.  Its a very thick scarf!


I do have a couple of other things that I could show you, but I will save them for another blog post – this one is getting pretty long!  If you have any comments on the above things then i would love to hear them!


4 responses to “My Stash!!

  1. Oooo, love your lacy jumper. Is going to be beautiful when its finished. You have been working hard!
    Wonder what all your xmas pressies are going to be this year…..!

  2. That lacy knit looks stunning and well worth finishing – a labour of love.

  3. You’ve been busy!

    To avoid having to handwind those huge balls of yarn, you can get a ball winder. I use mine at least once a week. Even moreso now that I started to spin.

  4. I’m a raveler and checked out your blog. I love your photo of your stash–you are brave to show us all! Mine is stored separately so I never am fully shocked by how large the stash is!

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