Adventures with Kool-Aid!

So, recently I decided to try some adventures with Kool-Aid. It has been lots and lots of fun, and I am sure that I will try it again! Here is a step-by-step process of what I did:

1. Buy some 100% wool yarn.


2. Buy a selection of Kool-Aid packets:


3. Wind the wool round something (camping chairs work really well, as you can collapse them slightly to lift the wool off!):


4. Tie tiny figure of 8’s around the wool using some cotton to stop the wool from tangling up:


5. Soak the wool in room temperature water for 10 minutes (mmm spaghetti):


6. Mix the Kool-Aid – I used 2 packets per litre of water (again I used room temperature water… careful not to felt your wool!). I also put one cap of distilled vinegar in – but I don’t think that this is necessary, and it doesn’t smell great. Then depending on how you want your yarn to look – place in a variety of pots and pans:


7. Arrange your yarn in the pots and pans as desired:


8. Set all pans on a very low heat, and then set your timer for 30 minutes. The water does not need to boil. All the colour from the kool-aid should now be on the wool, and the water should become clear:


9. Leave the water/pans to cool completely, then take the wool out and rinse well in room temperature water.

10. Lay out to dry on a towel for a few minutes to absorb excess water, then hang up on a dryer:


11. When dry – wind into a ball of wool and admire your creation. You may even want to try knitting with it!


Unfortunately, my wool looked like a load of tutti fruttis have all thrown-up on my yarn. But at least I enjoyed dyeing it!

This is my second attempt:


Which I am making a pair of socks out of – like this:


Loads and loads of fun – I would really recommend trying it!


10 responses to “Adventures with Kool-Aid!

  1. What a great tutorial! I love the socks!

  2. You are truly the epitome of kool Suzi O!!!


  3. what a wonderfully clear descrption and a great way to customise socks!

  4. wow! your first dyeing attempts came out much better than mine!

  5. Great job with the kool aid dye tutorial.

  6. This is fab! Great instructions, too.

  7. Awesome tutorial! You make it look so easy, I want to try now!

  8. This is toxic?… anyways, i need to know what exactly means “kool-aid” for USA. How big this name or nickname is for USA.
    Greetings from Argentina

  9. wow this is really cool. plus, yout yarn might smell like strawberries!! there are soo many possibilities with kool-aid. knit dye, hair dye, kool aid popsickles, tye dye,

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