I have just received an email to tell me that my Kool-Aid is on the way!  I can’t wait to try dyeing some wool with it.  I’m going to take a special trip out, and get some nice 100% wool yarn, and then I hope to dye the whole lot very stripey!  I’ll post some pictures up on here as soon as I manage it!

 As I am at home this week, I am having lots of fun, knitting and bag making!  I will try and put some pictures up asap!


2 responses to “Kool-aid!

  1. mumshomemadelove

    Soooo? How do you go about getting Kool Aid in the UK?

    Love What you did with it BTW, the socks look great.

  2. There is a great website – http://www.koolaiduk.com/ which is where I bought my kool-aid from. I think there is a wool colour chart on the website somewhere… so i guess they know we’re not all buying it to drink!

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