Circular Shrug

So – I finally finished a project! And here it is…

and a view of the back…

I originally bought this yarn to knit a shrug to go with a lovely dress I have, and was going to wear it to a wedding. However, I felt that the circular shrug was a bit chunky for the dress… having seen it on though, I think it might go afterall – what do you think??


6 responses to “Circular Shrug

  1. Laura, Russ and Phoebe

    Suzi, that shrug is gorgeous! I love the colour and it goes so well with your dress. You have to wear it! Its fab!

    Laura x

  2. Beautiful shrug – and the bag!!! I love the bag!

  3. wow, you’re really good at this !

    i love the bag too !

  4. Wow! Love the website, love the things!

    Now – where is the order form??

  5. I like the shrug with the dress! That color is stunning.

  6. I love this shrug. Very nice!

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