My WIPs (work in progress)

I currently have more WIPs than this – but these are the ones that came easily to hand when I was taking the photos!

OK so this is my most recent wip – and is probably one of the more challenging things that I have decided to make! I need a bolero jacket to go with a posh dress that I will be wearing to a wedding (or two!) this year. I decided it would be fun to try and make one, but I have got quite a fixed picture in my mind of what I want it to look like, and I can’t find any patterns. I have decided I am going to experiment and see what I come up with! This is the wool I am using and the beginnings of a ‘tester’ square for me to work out how many stitches i will need.

The next thing that I have been working on is another handbag – a stripey hobo style crocheted one, which I originally took the pattern from ‘Simply Knitting’ magazine. I kept wondering if I had made it too big, restarted it twice, and haven’t touched it since – its a shame really as I got quite far with it!
I started this baby blanket 6 months ago when I found out that one of our friends was pregnant, as you can see it still hasn’t been finished! Oh well, I have another friend who is due later on – I guess I might be finished for that!

I plan to make it 3 squares across and 4 up, and then crochet an edge onto it to complete it when I have sewn them all together.


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