Last Years Creations (that were actually finished!)

So, I made this handbag last year. I crocheted the outside using a dk crochet cotton, and then I lined the bag using some fluffy material I found in the bargain basement bin at the local fabric shop. I bought the handles. Its quite a small, but I kind of like it – its alooking a little grubby now though, as its been used quite a lot.

The next thing that I made was this Christmas. We do a ‘secret santa’ every year at work, and this year I got the Head of Department, Mark as the person to buy a present for – we had a limit of just £3 with instruction to make it as stupid as possible! So I decided to go to a wool shop and get some cheap wool, I already had a load of black wool left over from another project (which was never finished!!). I then knocked out a hat in just over a day… and I was at work for most of that day…! I didn’t use a pattern, just made it up as I went along, he seemed genuinely pleased that someone actually went to the trouble of making him something, and recently emailed some pictures round work of him wearing it on Christmas day on their traditional christmas walk! Anyway, enough chatting about it – here is a picture of him wearing it.


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